Namaste! I’m Ashley, UCF Knight and crunchy/oily mama to a gorgeous little man. My husband, son, and I are located in the Panhandle of Florida, but are relocating (back) to Orlando in January 2018. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, and will be completing a Master’s degree and PhD shortly after that. Following my attendance in an Environmental Science class in college, I began looking more into natural living. Oils were a natural step for me and I began using them frequently. I wanted the best for myself, my husband, and our little guy- enter Young Living! The Seed to Seal promise really won me over. Now, we utilize YL products every day! It is incredibly satisfying to know we are choosing non-toxic products in our household.

My favorite time of day is my meditation- oils included. I love the feeling of being grounded with Mother Earth and in harmony with nature. From studying to meditation to working out- literally, there’s an oil for that! Feel free to join me on Instgram (@oilyyogii) and be a part of my oily journey!

I cannot wait to show you how these oils have changed our lives!

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