Exciting Coaster News!

Hi, all!

A few days ago, I heard some awesome coaster news. Wonder Woman Golden Lasso will be debuting next year in San Antonio, Texas at Six Flags Fiesta Texas! The interesting thing about this new coaster is the way it will be built. Typically, coasters run on a tubular rail system. WWGL will feature an IBOX system. For this type of coaster, there is one rail shaped like an “I”. The two side friction wheels will assist in keeping the coaster on the track as riders glide through the air in an exceptionally smooth ride. Traditional wooden coasters offer a somewhat “rough” ride, which is part of their “charm”. A steel beam ensures a much smoother experience. Wonder Woman Golden Lasso will be the first coaster of it’s kind.

The ride vehicles are unique, as well. WWGL boasts an eight-person, single seat ride vehicle. This promises an awesome view for each rider. The initial climb will be 113 feet, with a 100 foot drop straight down at 90 degrees! WWGL will top out at 52 miles per hour.

The developers of this new coaster, Rocky Mountain Construction, are likely most known for El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.