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I just want to share a few things about myself before I get this blog started.

I’m a 30-year-old Rosen College student. This semester (Fall 2017) will be my first as a University of Central Florida Knight. I earned my Associate’s from Gulf Coast State College in Panama City, Florida. I say “earned” because I certainly did just that. I was pregnant in the Fall 2016 semester and birthed my son in the middle of the Spring 2017 semester, graduating in May 2017. Before registering for fall classes in 2016, two advisors told me that I should “take a year off” because “girls in your (my) situation rarely succeed”. Needless to say, that did nothing but make me angry. I spoke with a final advisor, who happened to be a male, and found the support and inspiration I needed. He fully believed in me and told me that he could tell that I was not the kind of person to fail at something. I told him that I would come back to his office, walk in, and give him a high-five once I graduated. When the fall semester begins at that college, I’m going to do just that! Moral of the story? Advisers are not put in their positions to be demeaning and hateful. One person can make the difference for a student. Maybe those two advisers can backup their statements with statistics, but I am not a statistic. I am excited to introduce my son to the one adviser who did not see him as a nail in my own coffin. 

Currently, my husband, son, and myself live in a small beach town in the Florida Panhandle. Since I am unable to be on campus during the Fall semester- it is a six hour drive- I’m taking online courses. Actually, that has been how I have completed most of my school work! *Blog post to follow on that subject* At orientation last Wednesday I immediately knew that I had found the perfect place for me. Honestly, I probably couldn’t tell you how many times I changed my major. In fact, I have over 70 credit hours that count for absolutely nothing. In fact, Hospitality Management was my first major over thirteen years ago. That’s a lot of wasted time and money, indeed.  

Since I attended orientation at a late date, there were very limited online classes available. I’m the type of person who always wants to have something going on, so I decided to start this blog! I hope to not only have a place to discuss theme park trends and developments, but to inspire and inform others in the same industry. There may be an occaisional personal post, but for the most part I intend to discuss school and hospitality. I am always open to suggestions on new topics, so feel free to contact me or drop a comment!

I’m looking forward to this experience and cannot wait to interact with you all!